To configure the VPN credentials:


Ensure that you have valid login credentials to access Netskope.


  1. Navigate to the Netskope NG SWG Portal: https://<customer-tenant>
  2. Configure Netskope tunnel to connect with VMware SD-WAN. In the Netskope portal, click Settings > Security Cloud Platform > Traffic Steering > IPSec.
  3. Click Add New Tunnel .
  4. In the Add New IPsec Tunnel window, configure the following:
    Option Description
    Tunnel Name Enter a name for the new IPsec tunnel
    Source IP Address Enter the source IP address
    Source Identity Enter the FQDN.
    Primary Netskope POP Select the primary Netskope POP
    Failover Netskope POP Select the secondary Netskope POP
    Pre-Shared Key (PSK) Enter the pre-shared key
    Encryption Cipher Select the encryption as AES128-CBC from the drop-down list.
    Maximum Bandwidth Select the maximum bandwidth to be used by the IPsec tunnel, from the drop-down list.
    Click Add.
  5. The configured tunnel is displayed in the IPsec window.
  6. Choose the tunnel and click Enable to bring up the tunnel. The status arrow Icon in the first column is displayed in green color when the tunnel is successfully authenticated and established between Netskope and VMware SD-WAN.

What to do next

Configure the Tunnel in VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator. See Configure Non SD-WAN Destination via Gateway.