This section provides an important overview of the Azure Resource Manger (ARM) template and a link where you can download the template.

CAUTION: Make sure to review and understand the template before deploying. This is intended as a reference and may need to be altered to accommodate specific environments.

Download the ARM template here: VMware SD-WAN By VeloCloud Azure Resource Manager Template

The default template is built to achieve a common deployment within Azure representative of the basic topology illustrated in the next section. The ARM Template takes care of creating necessary resources, collecting the SD-WAN Orchestrator target and activation key to push via CLOUD-INIT. Below are the default values represented in the template.

  • Instance Type: Standard_DS3_v2
  • Attach Interfaces to VMware Instance (GE1 – eth0 / GE2 – eth1 / GE3 – eth2)
  • Allocate Public IP and attach to GE2
  • Security Groups – Allowed Ports:
    • UDP 2426 – VMware Multipath Protocol
    • TCP 22 – SSH Access (for Support Access)
    • UDP 161 – SNMP
  • Public Route Table (UDR): to Internet Gateway
  • Private Route Table (UDR): to Virtual Appliance (SD-WAN Edge GE3)
  • Enable IP Forwarding on all interfaces

The template is built to accommodate either a “NEW” Virtual Network or “EXISTING” Virtual Network. If using “EXISTING,” the vNET, subnets, and route tables are not created. Ensure vNET name, subnet name and IP scheme reflect accurately with the existing environment.

While this template will activate a Virtual Edge the simplicity of the topology will not accommodate all environments. It is up to the individual user to edit for their environment accordingly. For better understanding of ARM Template structure and syntax see: