You can access a database as an admin user with either CredHub credentials or BOSH SSH.

When you access a database as an admin user, you can do actions that cannot be done as a normal binding user.

You can do the following actions as an admin user:

  • Add users.
  • Create new schemas.
  • View system schemas.

You can choose to access your database service instance as an admin, in one of the following ways:

Connect to MySQL with BOSH SSH

To connect to MySQL with BOSH SSH:

  1. BOSH SSH into your node by following the procedure in BOSH SSH in the Ops Manager documentation.

  2. Connect to your MySQL VM by running:

    mysql --defaults-file=/var/vcap/jobs/pxc-mysql/config/mylogin.cnf

Connect to MySQL with CredHub credentials

To retrieve the admin credentials for a service instance from BOSH CredHub:

  1. Use the cf CLI to find the GUID associated with the service instance for which you want to retrieve credentials by running:
    cf service SERVICE-INSTANCE-NAME --guid
    For example:
    $ cf service my-service-instance --guid
    If you do not know the name of the service instance, you can list service instances in the space with cf services.
  2. Follow the steps in Gather Credential and IP Address information and Log in to the Ops Manager VM with SSH of Advanced Troubleshooting with the BOSH CLI to SSH into the Ops Manager VM.
  3. From the Ops Manager VM, log in to your BOSH Director with the BOSH CLI. See Authenticate with the BOSH Director VM in Advanced Troubleshooting with the BOSH CLI.
  4. Find the values for BOSH_CLIENT and BOSH_CLIENT_SECRET:

    1. In the Ops Manager Installation Dashboard, click the BOSH Director tile.
    2. Click the Credentials tab.
    3. In the BOSH Director section, click the link to the BOSH Commandline Credentials .
    4. Record the values for BOSH_CLIENT and BOSH_CLIENT_SECRET.
  5. Set the API target of the CredHub CLI to your BOSH CredHub server by running:
    credhub api https://BOSH-DIRECTOR-IP:8844 \
    Where BOSH-DIRECTOR-IP is the IP address of the BOSH Director VM.

    For example:
    $ credhub api \
  6. Log in to CredHub by running:
    credhub login \
        --client-name=BOSH-CLIENT \

    For example:

    $ credhub login \
          --client-name=credhub \
  7. Use the CredHub CLI to retrieve the credentials :

    • Retrieve the password for the admin user by running:
      credhub get -n /p-bosh/service-instance_GUID/admin_password
      In the output, the password appears under value. Record the password.
      For example:
      $ credhub get \
        -n /p-bosh/service-instance_70d30bb6-7f30-441a-a87c-05a5e4afff26/admin_password 
      id: d6e5bd10-3b60-4a1a-9e01-c76da688b847 name: /p-bosh/service-instance_70d30bb6-7f30-441a-a87c-05a5e4afff26/admin_password type: password value: UMF2DXsqNPPlCNWMdVMcNv7RC3Wi10 version_created_at: 2018-04-02T23:16:09Z
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