This topic provides steps to install the Tanzu Postgres Operator using a quick-start script.

The script will deploy the Tanzu Postgres Operator from the Tanzu Network Registry, in the postgres-operator namespace.


  • A running Kubernetes cluster (check supported providers in Platform Requirements) - and the kubectl command-line tool, configured and authenticated to communicate with your Kubernetes cluster.
  • The Helm v3 command-line tool installed (v3.8.0 and above). For more information, see Installing Helm in the Helm documentation.
  • Username and password credentials to access the Tanzu Network Registry.

Install the Operator

  1. Copy the script on your local machine, and rename it, for example operator-install-script.bash.

  2. Make this file executable using:

    chmod +x operator-install-script.bash
  3. Retrieve your Tanzu Network credentials that allow you to access the VMware Tanzu registry.

  4. Choose the version of the Tanzu Operator you wish to install, and run the script using:


    For example, to deploy a 1.9.1 Tanzu Postgres Operator run:

    ./operator-install-script.bash v1.9.1 <your-tanzu-registry-username> <your-tanzu-registry-password>
  5. To watch the operator deployment, run a command similar to:

    watch kubectl get all -n postgres-operator -l app=postgres-operator 

After the Operator deployment, to create an instance refer to Deploying a Postgres Instance.

Uninstall the Operator

If you want to uninstall the operator, run the following commands:

helm uninstall postgres-operator --n postgres-operator
kubectl delete crds -l app=postgres-operator
kubectl delete namespace postgres-operator
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