VMware Secure App IX discovers API transactions between microservices internal and external to the mesh across all namespaces. All HTTP traffic between the microservices is captured. TSM generates a custom API schema from the captured HTTP traffic, which is similar to OpenAPI. The API Management page displays the discovered APIs and their customized API schemas. The custom schema presents the request and response header information from HTTP traffic. APIs are listed as Method / URL. Each API's methods are color-coded to make them easy to identify. The API Management page displays all API-related information.

Left Sidebar with Search Field

With the left-side menu bar on the API Navigator, you can select the specific service whose API information you need to know. Each service specified in the menu bar displays its incoming and outgoing APIs.

You can search for API information of a particular service for the selected cluster within the global namespace using the search field located in the sidebar of the API Navigator page.

  1. Select API Management from the left navigation pane.

  2. In the search bar located at the sidebar, enter the name of the service to view the API information.API

  3. Alternatively, you can select a particular service from the list shown below for a particular cluster inside the global namespace.


Paths. Displays the selected API information based on API paths.

Method Types. Displays the selected API information based on the API methods. For instance, the GET method, when selected, displays APIs only with the GET method. The supported API methods are GET, POST, PUT POST, PATCH, DELETE, HEAD, and OPTIONS.

Content Types. Displays API information based on the selected content types. VMware Secure App IX supports the selection of either JSON, non-JSON, both, or none. In the case of APIs having several responses, the right panel displays all the APIs if at least one of them satisfies the selected option. The APIs with the known content type are listed when both JSON and non-JSON are selected. The APIs of all types including no-content-type are listed when none of the options are selected.

Schema. Displays API information based on the scheme and non-schema selection.


By default, API information will be displayed in JSON format and with a schema.

API View

Each API, when expanded, displays the following information.

API Overview. Under this tab you can find an overview of the API's overall security and performance metrics. Click on an option in the Security Analytics list to see more details.

API Schema. You can view the Request, Response, and JSON code. By clicking the copy icon at the right, you can copy the JSON. Since the copied JSON is of Open API standard, they are Swagger compatible.