To create useful forms based on input parameters, you can design how the information appears at request time, how the parameters values are populated, and add any specialized constraints.

Custom request form designer

You use the form designer to create your custom form.

Custom form canvas with numbered callouts.

To create a custom form:

  1. Drag elements (1 and 2) onto the design canvas (3).
  2. Configure each element using the properties pane (4).
  3. Activate the form (5).

The custom form designer supports data validation by adding constraints to a field. For constraints options that are applied as you create a form, see Custom form designer field properties in Service Broker. For a constraint example, see Customize a Service Broker icon and request form.

When you have a working form, you might want to reused or share it rather than recreating it. Click Actions on the form designer and export as JSON or YAML, or import the for as needed.