Projects are groups of users that you want to entitle to request catalog items. The most common use case for adding projects in Service Broker is to share CloudFormation templates with a group of users. When you later share the imported content, you select a project and associate one or more items with the project.

As an administrator, you can add a project that you will later use to entitle users to deploy CloudFormation templates.

  • If you are working with imported CloudFormation templates, they can only be deployed to Amazon Web Services regions. At deployment time, the CloudFormation templates use the AWS cloud account regions that were defined when you imported the templates. You now create projects in Service Broker so that you can share the templates with users.

  • If you are working with imported blueprints, they can be deployed to the cloud zones that support the blueprint requirements. At deployment time, the blueprints use the cloud account regions defined in the projects that are created in Cloud Assembly. Even if you add projects for blueprints in Service Broker, you must add the cloud zones in Cloud Assembly.


  • If you are working with CloudFormation templates, you can create a project and add users. You must know which users you are associating with this project.

  • If you are working with Cloud Assembly blueprints, you create projects in Service Broker only if you want to expand the number of projects. After you create the project here, you must add cloud zones to it in Cloud Assembly.


  1. In Service Broker, select Administration > Projects, and then click New Project.
  2. Enter the project information on the Summary tab.
  3. Click the Users tab, and then click Add Users.

    To add project users, they must already be active service organization users.

  4. Click Create.

    The new project is added to your projects. It is also added to your associated Cloud Assembly instance. If the project is for blueprints, you can add cloud zones in Cloud Assembly. If the project is for templates, you do not need to add cloud zones.

  5. In Cloud Assembly, select Infrastructure > Projects and add cloud zones to your new project.

What to do next

To entitle the project users to catalog items after you created a content source, you can update the content source with the new project.