The protection and recovery by Site Recovery Manager of virtual machines is subject to limitations.

Protection and Recovery of Suspended Virtual Machines

When you suspend a virtual machine, vSphere creates and saves its memory state. When the virtual machine resumes, vSphere restores the saved memory state to allow the virtual machine to continue without any disruption to the applications and guest operating systems that it is running.

Protection and Recovery of Linked Clone Virtual Machines

vSphere Replication does not support the protection and recovery of virtual machines that are linked clones.

Protection and Recovery of Virtual Machines with Reservations, Affinity Rules, or Limits

When Site Recovery Manager recovers a virtual machine to the recovery site, it does not preserve any reservations, affinity rules, or limits that you have placed on the virtual machine. Site Recovery Manager does not preserve reservations, affinity rules, and limits on the recovery site because the recovery site might have different resource requirements to the protected site. The only exception is the Reserve all guest memory (All locked) setting, if it was enabled on the protected VM.

You can set reservations, affinity rules, and limits for recovered virtual machines by configuring reservations and limits on the resource pools on the recovery site and setting up the resource pool mapping accordingly. Alternatively, you can set reservations, affinity rules, or limits manually on the placeholder virtual machines on the recovery site.