The DR IP Customizer tool allows you to define explicit IP customization settings for multiple protected virtual machines on the protected and recovery sites.

In addition to defining subnet IP mapping rules, you can use the DR IP Customizer tool to apply customized networking settings to virtual machines when they start on the recovery site. You provide the customized IP settings to the DR IP Customizer tool in a comma-separated value (CSV) file.

Rather than manually creating a CSV file, you can use the DR IP Customizer tool to export a CSV file that contains information about the networking configurations of the protected virtual machines. You can use this file as a template for the CSV file to apply on the recovery site by customizing the values in the file.

  1. Run DR IP Customizer to generate a CSV file that contains the networking information for the protected virtual machines.
  2. Modify the generated CSV file with networking information that is relevant to the recovery site.
  3. Run DR IP Customizer on the protected machines again to apply the CSV with the modified networking configurations to apply when the virtual machines start up on the recovery site.

You can run the DR IP Customizer tool on either the protected site or on the recovery site. Virtual machine IDs for protected virtual machines are different at each site, so whichever site you use when you run the DR IP Customizer tool to generate the CSV file, you must use the same site when you run DR IP Customizer again to apply the settings.

You can customize the IP settings for the protected and the recovery sites so that Site Recovery Manager uses the correct configurations during reprotect operations.

For the list of guest operating systems for which Site Recovery Manager supports IP customization, see the Compatibility Matrices for Site Recovery Manager 8.4 at