When you stop a replication, vSphere Replication does not delete the replica directory at the target datastore.

As a result, stale directories remain on VMFS and NFS target datastores, and unused namespaces remain on vSAN and Virtual Volume target datastores. Because the maximum number of directories and namespaces on a datastore is limited, you must manually clean them up to free resources on the datastore.


Verify that you know the name of the replication that was stopped and its target datastore.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Web Client or vSphere Client as an administrator user and navigate to the datastore that was the target for the stopped replication.
  2. Select the files tab, enter the name of the stopped replication in the search text box, and locate the folder that corresponds to this name.
  3. Verify that the folder is empty and delete it.