VMware Site Recovery™ is a business continuity and disaster recovery service that helps you to plan, test, and run the recovery of virtual machines to the cloud from an on-premises data center or from other another cloud Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).

The service provides an end-to-end disaster recovery solution that can help reduce the requirements for a secondary recovery site, accelerate time-to-protection, and simplify disaster recovery operations.

VMware Site Recovery uses the host-based replication feature of vSphere Replication and the orchestration of VMware Site Recovery Manager.

With VMware Site Recovery, you can protect workloads running in an on-premises data center to a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC, workloads running on a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC to an on-premises data center, and also between different VMware Cloud on AWS SDDCs.

VMware Site Recovery concept diagram covering both use cases.

VMware Site Recovery License Key

The VMware Site Recovery license key is part of the subscription to the service. When you pair the Site Recovery Manager on-premises instance with the Site Recovery Manager instance on VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware Site Recovery uses the cloud license.