To use VMware Site Recovery in a multi-site topology that involves pairing a single VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC to multiple protected and recovery sites, you must activate additional VMware Site Recovery instances on that VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC.


  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud on AWS console at
  2. Click your SDDC, and then click Add-Ons.
  3. Select Site Recovery and click New Instance.
  4. Either select the default Site Recovery extension ID, or create a custom extension ID for this Site Recovery pair.
    Option Description
    Default extension ID Use this option for VMware Site Recovery in a standard configuration with one protected site and one recovery site.
    Custom extension ID Use this option for VMware Site Recovery:
    • In a shared recovery site configuration, with multiple protected sites and one recovery site.
    • In a single protected site configuration, with multiple recovery sites and a single protected site.
    • In a configuration where the same site is used as a protected site for recovery site A, and a recovery site for a different protected site B.
    • Any combination of the preceding scenarios.
    Note: The custom extension ID must match the plug-in identifier of the paired on-premises site or the custom extension ID of the paired VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC. The custom extension ID is case-sensitive. The com.vmware.vcDr- prefix is automatically included.
  5. Read the information on the Activate Site Recovery page and click Add Instance.


An additional VMware Site Recovery instance is activated at your SDDC on VMware Cloud on AWS.

What to do next

Set the firewall rules for each new instance. See Set the NSX-T Edge Management Gateway Firewall Rules for VMware Site Recovery.