Before you can use the VMware Site Recovery service, you must install a vSphere Replication appliance and Site Recovery Manager Server instance at the protected on-premises site and activate VMware Site Recovery at the recovery site on VMware Cloud on AWS.

The vSphere Replication appliance contains an embedded vSphere Replication server that manages the replication process. To meet the load balancing needs of your environment, you might need to deploy additional vSphere Replication servers at each site. Additional vSphere Replication servers that you deploy are themselves virtual appliances. You must register any additional vSphere Replication server with the vSphere Replication appliance on the corresponding site.

The vSphere Replication appliance provides a virtual appliance management interface (VAMI). You can use this interface to reconfigure the vSphere Replication database, network settings, public-key certificates, and passwords for the appliances.

Site Recovery Manager requires a vCenter Server instance of the appropriate version at each site before you install Site Recovery Manager Server. The Site Recovery Manager installer must be able to connect to this vCenter Server instance during installation. For information about compatibility between vCenter Server and Site Recovery Manager versions, see vCenter Server Requirements in the Compatibility Matrixes for Site Recovery Manager 8.0 at

To activate VMware Site Recovery, you must have an VMware Cloud™ on AWS account and deploy a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) on VMware Cloud on AWS. For information about how to create an VMware Cloud™ on AWS account, see Account Creation and Management in VMware Cloud on AWS Getting Started. For information on how to deploy SDDC, see Deploying and Managing a Software-Defined Data Center in VMware Cloud on AWS Getting Started.

After you install the vSphere Replication appliance and the Site Recovery Manager Server instance, the VMware Site Recovery plug-in appears in the vSphere Web Client. You use the VMware Site Recovery plug-in in the vSphere Web Client for the vCenter Server instances on the protected and recovery sites to configure and manage VMware Site Recovery. Site Recovery Manager 5.8 or later does not support the vSphere Client for Windows.