After you install Site Recovery Manager, it remains in evaluation mode until you install a Site Recovery Manager license key.

After the evaluation license expires, existing protection groups remain protected and you can recover them, but you cannot create new protection groups or add virtual machines to an existing protection group until you obtain and assign a valid Site Recovery Manager license key. Obtain and assign Site Recovery Manager license keys as soon as possible after installing Site Recovery Manager.

Site Recovery Manager licenses allow you to protect a set number of virtual machines. To obtain Site Recovery Manager license keys, go to the Site Recovery Manager Product Licensing Center at, or contact your VMware sales representative.

Site Recovery Manager License Keys and Protected and Recovery Sites

Site Recovery Manager requires a license key on any site on which you protect virtual machines.

  • Install a Site Recovery Manager license key at the protected site to enable protection in one direction from the protected site to the recovery site.

  • Install the same Site Recovery Manager license keys at both sites to enable bidirectional protection, including reprotect.

Site Recovery Manager checks for a valid license whenever you add a virtual machine to or remove a virtual machine from a protection group. If licenses are not in compliance, vSphere triggers a licensing alarm and Site Recovery Manager prevents you from protecting further virtual machines. Configure alerts for triggered licensing events so that licensing administrators receive a notification by email.

VMware Site Recovery License Key

The VMware Site Recovery license key is part of the subscription to the service. When you pair the Site Recovery Manager on-premises instance with the Site Recovery Manager instance on VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware Site Recovery uses the cloud license.