Change the NTP server configuration of your vSphere Replication server if you change the NTP servers that your vSphere Replication server uses.


  • Verify that the remote console of your vSphere Replication virtual machine is open and that you use root credentials.

  • Verify that the status of the NTP service of your vSphere Replication server is running.


  1. Open the /etc/ntp.conf file.
  2. Update the IP address or name of the NTP server or servers.
  3. (Optional) To add an additional NTP server add the following line.
    server your_NTP_server_IP_address_or_name
  4. Save the change and close ntp.conf file.
  5. Run the service ntp reload command to reload the NTP configuration.


Your vSphere Replication server is synchronized with the new NTP server.