The vSphere Replication appliance includes an embedded vSphere Replication Server by default. If you want to disable the embedded vSphere Replication server, you can do so using ssh.


Make sure that no replications are using the embedded server. Stop the replications or move them to a different server.


  1. Use SSH into the vSphere Replication appliance and enter:
    # /opt/vmware/hms/bin/hms-configtool -cmd reconfig -property hms-embedded-hbr=false
  2. Restart the HMS service.
    # service hms restart


You can now unregister the embedded vSphere Replication server from the vSphere Replication user interface.

What to do next

Rebooting vSphere Replication does not automatically register the embedded server. To restore the default behavior to register automatically the embedded vSphere Replication server, enter:
# /opt/vmware/hms/bin/hms-configtool -cmd reconfig -property hms-embedded-hbr=true
# service hms restart