When you configure VMware Site Recovery to use a multi-site topology, VMware Site Recovery supports the same operations as it does in a standard one-to-one configuration. Using VMware Site Recovery with a shared VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC is subject to some limitations.

  • Site Recovery Manager supports a point-to-point replication. Site Recovery Manager does not support replication to multiple targets, even in a multi-site configuration.

  • For each remote site, you must deploy one instance of Site Recovery Manager Server at the remote site and activate one corresponding instance of VMware Site Recovery in the shared VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC.

  • The Site Recovery Manager plug-in identifier or custom extension ID specified on the remote site must match the custom extension ID of the paired VMware Site Recovery instance on the shared VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC. For example, you can set up the first pair of sites with the default Site Recovery Manager extension ID, then deploy subsequent pairs of sites with custom extension IDs.

  • A single VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC can support a maximum of 10 paired remote sites. You can run concurrent recoveries from multiple sites. See Operational Limits of VMware Site Recovery for the number of concurrent recoveries that you can run with VMware Site Recovery.