Deactivating TAM Reports turns off the features in Skyline Advisor Pro. If you deactivate the TAM reports, TAMs can’t generate any new reports.If you reactivate TAM reports, any linked active engagements and features get activated as before.If the engagements have expired, the TAM must link the active engagement. After reactivation, non-expired reports are also visible.

You can reactivate the TAM Reports, if:

  • TAM engagement is active, then the activation process will complete immediately without involvement from the TAM.

  • TAM engagement is expired, then the TAM must complete activation.


Only Skyline Adminstrators can deactivate TAM Services.

To deactivate the service, perform the sollowing steps:


  • Ensure that you are a resgistered member of Skyline Organization.

  • Ensure that you have one or more active TAM Service Engagements.


  1. Log in to Skyline Advisor Pro.
  2. Within Skyline Advisor Pro, click the Insights Reports tab. Under Insights Reports, click TAM Reports .
  3. Click View engagament details link.
  4. On the TAM Service Engagement Page, you can see the number of active service engagements. Click DEACTIVATE.
  5. Click DEACTIVATE.

    The TAM Reports is deactivated. However, you can see the linked engagements on the TAM Reports page.


After you have deactivated the TAM Reports, the assigned TAM and the Skyline Administrator receives an email notification.