View product interoperability, upgrade impact, findings addressed, and objects addressed by the upgrade recommendation.

Each Upgrade Recommendation contains the following information:

  • The recommended product version and build.

  • The product interoperability with other Skyline supported products.

  • The findings addressed.

  • The objects addressed.


  1. In Skyline Advisor, click Findings & Recommendations.
  2. Click Upgrade Recommendations.
  3. Upgrade Recommendations for each product are shown under the managing vCenter Server. Click the arrow next to a product to view all upgrade recommendations for the chosen product.
  4. The upgrade version, upgrade build, and findings addressed by performing the upgrade recommendation are displayed. Click Show Details.
  5. Review upgrade recommendation details.
    1. The interoperability for current products with the upgrade recommendation.
    2. Links to the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix and update sequence for vSphere 6.7, 6.5, and 6.0.
    3. The impact of the upgrade recommendation (the findings addressed by severity).
    4. The findings and objects addressed by the upgrade recommendation. Click Findings Addressed to view all findings addressed by the upgrade recommendation. Click Objects Addressed to view all objects address by the upgrade recommendation.
    5. Click on a Finding ID to view details about a specific finding addressed in the upgrade recommendation.


Figure 1. Upgrade Recommendation - Show Details