This section describes the categories of information that VMware receives.

As part of the Enhanced Support - Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP), VMware regularly collects technical information about your organization’s use of VMware products and services in association with your organization’s VMware license keys . Depending on the nature of the VMware product or service, the technical information collected consists of:

  • Configuration Data

    Data about how you have configured VMware products and services and information related to your IT environment. Examples of Configuration Data include: version information for VMware products, product environment information, product configuration settings, and technical data relating to the devices accessing those products and services.

  • Feature Usage Data

    Data about how your organization uses VMware product features and services. Examples of Feature Usage Data include: details about which product features your organization uses and metrics of user interface activity without personally identifying the user.

  • Performance Data

    Data about the performance of VMware products and services. Examples of Performance Data include metrics of the performance and scale of VMware products and services, response times for User Interfaces, and details about your API calls.

  • Product Log Data

    Product Logs generated by VMware products during the active deployment of the product. Typically, logs record system events and state during product operations. These logs do not contain customer workload content.