Log in to the Skyline Collector user interface.

This section describes how to access the Skyline Collector user interface.


Ensure you know the Skyline Collector IP address or fully qualified domain name (FQDN).


  1. Open a web browser and enter the URL for the Skyline Collector https://skyline_collector_fully_qualified_domain_name_or_ip_address.
  2. Log in to the user interface using the following default values. Click Log In.





  3. You are forced to change this password at the first login. The new password must meet the following character requirements:
    • Minimum of eight characters

    • One lowercase letter

    • One uppercase letter

    • One special character (!@#$&)

    • One number

  4. Click Change after entering a new password. You must relogin to the Skyline Collector user interface after changing the password.
  5. Select Login Again to return to the login screen.
  6. Return to the Skyline Organization page within VMware Cloud Services and select Proceed to Next Step.