For customers with geographic disperse environments, we recommend deploying a Skyline Collector in each geographic disperse environment.

The following image details multiple Skyline Collectors, deployed for a single Cloud Services Organization:

In the preceding example, the customer has 2 vCenter Servers, each in a different geographic disperse datacenter. Also, they have an NSX Manager in one datacenter, and a vRealize Operations Manager in a second datacenter.

For this scenario, the customer deploys 2 Skyline Collectors, one in each datacenter. They then attach the VMware products and solutions within each datacenter to the Skyline Collector deployed in the same datacenter.


Skyline Collector

VMware Products and Solutions

Datacenter 1

Skyline Collector 1

vCenter Server 1

NSX Manager

Datacenter 2

Skyline Collector 2

vCenter Server 2

vRealize Operations Manager

Skyline Advisor Visibility

As detailed within the preceding image, both Skyline Collectors are registered with a single Cloud Services Organization. If visibility across both of the datacenters, and all VMware products and solutions need not be limited, a single Cloud Services Organization can be used for both environments.

Also, the Skyline Advisor service for that Cloud Services Organization can see across both environments. A user need not log in to 2 different Skyline Advisor services to see details for both environments. The information provided within Skyline is aggregated from both Skyline Collectors, into a single Skyline Advisor service instance for the user.

Granting users access to Skyline Advisor, within this single Cloud Services Organization, allows them to view information, and use Log Assist, for both environments.