You can add a vCenter Server to the Skyline Collector.

For detailed instructions for how to create a user account with the given permissions, see Knowledge Base Article 59661.


NSX for vSphere has two options for assigning role/privileges for the account used to add NSX Manager to the Skyline Collector.

For the collection of product usage data only:

  • NSX Auditor


If an account with the NSX Auditor role is used to add NSX Manager, the following is displayed within Skyline Advisor:

  • On the Collector Details page, the Status of the NSX Manager is: Insufficient Privileges.

  • On the Initiate Log Transfer page, the Privileges check for NSX Manager, and all NSX components fail.

If using an account with the NSX Auditor role, you cannot transfer support bundles to VMware GSS using Skyline Log Assist.

For the collection of both product usage data, and transferring support bundles with Log Assist:

  • NSX Administrator


  1. Follow these steps to add an NSX Manager to the Skyline Collector.
    1. Enter the FQDN/IP Address of the NSX Manager.
    2. Enter a Account Username for connecting to the NSX Manager, from the Skyline Collector. This account must have the minimum required privileges, as detailed within the Prerequisites.
    3. Enter the Account Password.
  2. To complete adding the NSX Manager to the Skyline Collector, click Add.