Remove an inactive Skyline Collector from Skyline.

The capability to remove an inactive Skyline Collector is available within Skyline Advisor. Follow these steps to remove an inactive Skyline Collector from your Cloud Services Organization.

A Skyline Collector becomes inactive if it has not communicated with VMware for 60 minutes. If your Skyline Collector is in a Healthy state, power-off the Skyline Collector virtual appliance, wait ~60 minutes, then view the status of the Skyline Collector within Skyline Advisor.


If a Skyline Collector was removed from your environment without deregistering it first, you can remove the Skyline Collector from your account using the DeRegister function within Skyline Advisor.


Only users assigned the Skyline Administrator service role can DeRegister an inactive Skyline Collector. Users assigned the Skyline User service role do not have this capability. For more information regarding Skyline Advisor service roles, see Service Roles in Skyline Advisor.


  1. In a web browser, go to Login to Cloud Services.

    You can use your existing My VMware account details to log in to VMware Cloud Services. You do not need to create a new account for VMware Cloud Services.

  2. Within Skyline Advisor, click Dashboard.
  3. Click Show Collector Details.
  4. Find the Skyline Collector in an Inactive state that you want to DeRegister from Skyline. Click DeRegister.
  5. Click Yes to confirm that you want to DeRegister the Skyline Collector from Skyline.


The Skyline Collector does not appear within the Collector Details page within Skyline Advisor.