VMware Skyline Collector 3.1 | 10 FEB 2022

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About VMware Skyline

VMware Skyline™ is a proactive self-service support solution aligned with VMware Global Support Services. VMware Skyline automatically and securely collects, aggregates, and analyses product usage data to proactively identify potential issues, security vulnerabilities, impacts to usability, and configuration recommendations. Additionally, Skyline Log Assist assists VMware Technical Support Engineers to improve time-to-troubleshooting.

VMware Skyline enables richer, more informed interactions between customers and VMware without extensive time investments by Technical Support Engineers. These capabilities transform support operations from reactive, break/fix to a proactive, predictive, and prescriptive experience that produces an even greater return on your VMware support investment.

For more information, see VMware Skyline.

What's New | 10 FEB 2022

Log Assist Support for SDDC Manager

Skyline Log Assist now supports SDDC Manager. Log Assist streamlines support log bundle upload for associated Support Requests by automating the process. In 2020 Log Assist saved customers 90,000 hours vs. manual upload. With this new functionality, you now can streamline log collection for SDDC Manager with Log Assist. If you open a Support Request for an issue with VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware Technical Support Engineers can initiate log collection via Log Assist, helping speed time to resolution.

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