VMware Skyline Collector 3.2 | 25 AUG 2022

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About VMware Skyline

VMware Skyline™ is a proactive self-service support solution aligned with VMware Global Support Services. VMware Skyline automatically and securely collects, aggregates, and analyses product usage data to proactively identify potential issues, security vulnerabilities, impacts to usability, and configuration recommendations. Additionally, Skyline Log Assist assists VMware Technical Support Engineers to improve time-to-troubleshooting.

VMware Skyline enables richer, more informed interactions between customers and VMware without extensive time investments by Technical Support Engineers. These capabilities transform support operations from reactive, break/fix to a proactive, predictive, and prescriptive experience that produces an even greater return on your VMware support investment.

For more information, see VMware Skyline.

What's New | 25th AUG 2022

Here are the key features and capabilities of VMware Skyline Collector 3.2:

  • Added support for LDAP Channel Binding when using AD authentication.
  • Added support for LDAP Simple Bind authentication as an alternative to Kerberos authentication when configuring AD.
  • Added support task for log cleanup.
  • Changed and improved logging, error handling, and user-friendly error messages.
  • Improved unsupported VCF version detection by parsing jwt token.

Known Issues

Auto Upgrade fails on VMware Skyline Collector

If you have Skyline Collector version 3.1 and enable Auto-Upgrade, Skyline Collector does not automatically upgrade to version 3.2.

Workaround: For information on workaround steps, see KB 89230. Run the command or Log into VA UI and click Upgrade. Auto upgrade functionality will be restored at that time.

Resolved Issues

Skyline Collector Endpoint NSX-T fails after NSX-T upgrade to 4.0.x

When upgrading NSX-T from 3.x to 4.0.x the endpoint for Skyline Collector fails and reports the following“Endpoint test failed. -> Header with key Set-Cookie was not found”.

When performing the NSX-T token authentication, you expect the response header to be "Set-Cookie" (case-sensitive). However, NSX-T 4.0 returns the response header in the lowercase "set-cookie”.  This affects all versions of the Skyline collector up through For more information , see KB 89303.

This issue is resolved in this release.

Potential OOM and high-CPU usage in the ChunkFileHandler

High-CPU load on appliances that collect large data objects from products due to OOM in ChunkFileHandler.

This issue is resolved in this release.

VCF privilege validation fails for non-Admin users

This issue is resolved in this release.

ESXi host log assist fails to reschedule

ESXi host log assist rescheduling fails when ESXi host (in case of error) use its hostName instead of its hostId.

This issue is resolved in this release.

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