Add, update, or remove products in bulk using a CSV file.

You can choose a blank template, or a prefilled template containing products that the Skyline Collector is having issues communicating with. Follow these steps to perform bulk product operations for your Skyline Collector.


Agree to participate in the VMware Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP).


  1. In the Skyline Collector, click Configuration.
  2. Under Bulk Product Operations, click Import & Update Products.
  3. If this is your first time using Bulk Product Operations, click Continue to agree to participate in the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP). This step will only appear the first time using Bulk Product Operations, or if Bulk Product Operations is deactivated.
  4. Download the Blank Template, or the Problem Products template. The chosen template will download to your local machine.
  5. For both the Blank Template and Problematic Products template files, enter the following for each column.




    To add a new product, enter CREATE.

    To update a product already added, enter UPDATE.

    To remove a product, enter DELETE.


    The type of product for the bulk operation. The following are valid entries:

    For vSphere, enter VSPHERE.

    For NSX-V, enter NSX.

    For NSX-T, enter NSX_T.

    For vRealize Operations Manager, enter VROPS.

    For Horizon, enter HORIZON_VIEW.

    For VMware Cloud Foundation, enter VCF.

    For vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, enter vRSLCM.

    For vRealize Automation, enter vRA.


    Enter the name of the object to perform the bulk operation for. The name of the object must be able to be resolved (DNS) by the Skyline Collector.


    Enter the username for the account to be used to perform the product operation.

    If using an authorization source, enter the username in the following format: username@authorizationsource.


    Enter the password for the account to be used to perform the product operation.

    thumbprint (optional)

    If using untrusted, self-signed certificates to authenticate connections, you can enter the thumbprint of the product. This field is optional, and not required to complete bulk product operations.

  6. Upload the edited template file to the Skyline Collector. You can either drag-and-drop the file into the Skyline Collector, or click Select A File, an choose the edited template file.
  7. Click Execute Operations to begin the bulk product operation process.


The desired operation is completed on all products listed in the template file.

What to do next

If any of the bulk product operations fail, click View Failed Operations to view which products failed to execute the desired operation. Click Download Failed Operations CSV to download a template file containing only those products that failed bulk product operation execution.