View Skyline Collector details, and Restart or Stop the Collector.

The Manage Collector page displays the following information for the Skyline Collector.



Alphanumberic unique identifier.

Last Seen

The amount of time since the Skyline Collector last checked-in with VMware.

Registered Under

The Cloud Services Organization the Skyline Collector is registered with.

You can perform the following actions:

Restart Collector

Click Restart to restart the Skyline Collector. A restart takes 3 and 5 minutes to complete. The Skyline Collector web interface may be unresponsive during this time.

Stop Collector

Click Stop to stop the Skyline Collector. If the Skyline Collector is in a Stopped state, an alert appears within the Skyline Collector stating Your Collector is Not Running. Stopping the Skyline Collector does not shut down the virtual appliance. The virtual appliance remains running and the Skyline Collector remains available. Do not stop the Skyline Collector virtual appliance unless troubleshooting with VMware Global Support Services (GSS). Stopping the Skyline Collector will pause the collection of, and sending of product usage data to VMware.

Start Collector

If the Skyline Collector is in a Stopped state, the Skyline Collector can be started again by clicking Start.

The Collector Log displays the latest log entries. You can choose to show the latest 200, 400, or 1000 log entries. This information can be used if troubleshooting with VMware Global Support Services (GSS). Click Show Latest Log to view the most recent log files for the Skyline Collector.