Re-Register the Skyline Collector with an existing Cloud Services Organization where the Skyline Advisor service is already enabled.

Follow these steps to Re-Register a Skyline Collector from your Cloud Services Organization:


Ensure that you have deregistered the Skyline Collector. See DeRegister Skyline Collector. And perform the following steps:

  • Using the vSphere Client, open the remote console of the Skyline Collector virtual appliance.

  • Login to the console of the Skyline Collector virtual appliance with user 'root'.

  • Change directory to generated as follows: cd /usr/local/skyline/ccf/config/generated

  • Remove all JSON files rm -f *.JSON

  • Run the following commands:

    • rm /usr/local/skyline/ccf/config/generated/*.json
    • /usr/local/skyline/ccf/bin/> /usr/local/skyline/ccf/config/generated/GeneralConfiguration.json
    • chown -R skyline:skyline /usr/local/skyline/ccf/config/generated/GeneralConfiguration.json
    • systemctl restart ccf-collector
  • Reboot the Skyline Collector virtual appliance using the following command: reboot -f.


  1. Open a web browser, and browse to .
  2. Login to VMware Cloud Services, then click Console (top right-hand corner.
  3. Under My Services, click LAUNCH SERVICE in the Skyline Advisor card.
  4. On the Skyline Advisor dashboard, Click Add New Collector in the Collector card.

    You must be a Skyline Administrator (role) in order to add a new Skyline Collector to your Cloud Services Organization.

  5. For the purposes of Re-Registering a Skyline Collector, you do not need to Download or Install the Skyline Collector virtual appliance.
  6. Copy the Token provided in the wizard.
  7. Login to the Skyline Collector user interface. Open a web-browser, and browse to https://<fqdn_or_ip_address_of_skyline_collector>.
  8. Login with user admin. The default password for the user admin is 'default'.

    If the Collector does not load correctly and the UI is just spinning, then run:

    • mv /usr/local/skyline/ccf/config/generated/endpoints /usr/local/skyline/ccf/config/generated/endpoints.bak
    • register the collector

    • do not configure any products

    • mv /usr/local/skyline/ccf/config/generated/endpoints.bak /usr/local/skyline/ccf/config/generated/endpoints
  9. Complete the Initial Configuration wizard for the Skyline Collector. On Step 3 of the Initial Configuration wizard, paste the Token you previously copied into the Registration field.
  10. Any previously added products (vCenter Server, NSX Manager, vRealize Operations, Horizon Connection Server, VMware Cloud Foundation, vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, and vRealize Automation) are not removed during Collector De-registration. Therefore, you do not need to re-add products that were previously added to the Skyline Collector.
  11. Refresh your web browser page to complete the Initial Configuration of the Skyline Collector.
  12. Log in to the Skyline Collector user interface, and verify product health.


You have successfully re-registered your Skyline Collector.