Update your Skyline Collector to the most recent version available.

When a new version is detected, manually upgrade using notification banner that will appear in the Skyline Collector web interface.


  1. On the notification banner, click UPGRADE.
    The Skyline Collector user interface displays option for upgrading the Collector, with the UPGRADE button on the top banner.
  2. Select AGREE in the End-User License Agreement.
  3. Click UPGRADE to start upgrading the collector. The upgrade process takes 15-20 mins.
    The Collector Manual Upgrade page displays the UPGRADE button.


Your Collector has been upgraded successfully.

What to do next

You can enable Auto-Upgrade within the Skyline Collector to allow the Skyline Collector virtual appliance to automatically check, and upgrade, when a new version of the Skyline Collector is made available. This assists with removing the manual step of updating the Skyline Collector detailed in this topic.