In some instances, multiple Cloud Services Organizations may be required to meet the team, business, or organizational requirements.

The combination of Cloud Services Organization, Skyline Collector, and VMware products and solutions added to the Skyline Collector dictate the data visibile within Skyline Advisor. Any individual who has been granted access to Skyline Advisor can view environment details, such as object names. Also, these individuals are able to upload diagnostic data (support bundles) to VMware, for the purposes of troubleshooting for an open Support Request.

However, customers may require that different teams, businesses, or organizations only see the VMware products and solutions that are relevant to them. To organize data across multiple teams, businesses, or organizations, customers can create multiple Cloud Services Organizations.

The following image details multiple Cloud Services Organizations, for use by multiple lines-of-businesses for a single company:
The image shows the multiple Cloud Services Organizations, for use by multiple lines-of-businesses for a single company.
In the preceding example, we have two lines-of-business (LOB), Acme, and Rainpole, that share a common Entitlement Agreement (EA) with VMware.
  • Both Acme, and Rainpole, complete the process to Create a Cloud Services Organization.

  • They add users from each LOB to the appropriate Cloud Services Organization, with Skyline Advisor access.

  • They each Deploy a Skyline Collector within their respective environments.

  • They each add VMware products and solutions that they manage to their Skyline Collector.

Members of the Acme LOB cannot access the Rainpole LOB Cloud Services Organization. Also, Acme LOB users cannot access the Skyline Advisor service for the Rainpole LOB. And finally, Acme LOB users cannot see the Rainpole LOB vCenter Server, or vRealize Operations Manager, that has been added to the Rainpole Skyline Collector. The conclusion is Acme LOB users can only see Acme products and data, and Rainpole LOB users can only see Rainpole products and data.

Since an Entitlement Account (EA) can be associated with multiple Cloud Services Organization, the same user can create both Cloud Services Organizations (Acme & Rainpole).


The individual who creates the Cloud Services Organization, and registers the Skyline Collector with the Cloud Services Organization is automatically granted the following access:

  • Cloud Services Organization Owner

  • Skyline Administrator