Create a Cloud Services Organization. A Cloud Services Organization is a logical container for all your VMware Cloud Services.

A Cloud Services Organization allows for identity and access management, billing and subscriptions, development, and support center.


Ensure you are using a My VMware account that is associated with the highest-tier of support entitlement that your company has purchased (Production / Premier), and is associated with all Entitlement Accounts (EAs) where you open Support Requests today.

See Knowledge Base Article 2011009 for details regarding your My VMware account information.


  1. After clicking Get Started, a new web browser page, or tab, will open. You are asked to sign in with your VMware account. If you have an existing My VMware account, you can use those same account details (email address / password) to sign in to Cloud Services.
  2. If you are an existing VMware Cloud Services Organization, you can choose an existing Cloud Services Organization for Skyline. Click the radio button next to the Organization to add the Skyline Advisor service to, then click Proceed to Service. If you have never used VMware Cloud Services Create New Organization.
  3. Enter a Organization Name. Name your Organization something meaningful, that can be easily referenced by both you, and VMware. For example, name your Organization after you Company, or Business name. You can also append a line-of-business, division, or team, to the end of your Company or Business name.

    The following are example Organization Names:

    Company, LOB, Company LOB, Company-vSphere, Company-Desktop

  4. Review the Cloud Services Terms of Service. To agree to the Terms of Service, click the checkbox.
  5. Click Create Organization and Complete Sign-Up.
  6. The Cloud Services Organization is created. Click Continue to begin the Skyline Setup wizard.

    By default, your account is assigned the Skyline User service role for Skyline Advisor. To proceed with the Skyline Setup wizard, your account must be assigned the Skyline Administrator service role for Skyline Advisor. By clicking Continue, VMware Cloud Services automatically assign the Skyline Administrator service role for Skyline Advisor to your account.


You can manage your Cloud Services Organization within the Cloud Console.