The VMware Skyline Planning and Deployment Guide assists you with deploying VMware Skyline Collector and VMware Skyline Advisor.

What is VMware Skyline

VMware Skyline™ is a proactive self-service support technology that helps you avoid issues in your environment before they occur and reduces the time it takes to resolve support requests. You can use VMware Skyline if you have an active VMware Production, VMware Premier, VMware Success 360, or VMware Aria Suite Universal (formerly vRealize Cloud Universal) contract.

How does VMware Skyline work

VMware Skyline Collector is a standalone virtual appliance that automatically and securely collects product usage data. Product usage data includes configuration, feature, and performance data. Skyline Collector collects the product usage data and sends the data to VMware for analysis. You can view this analyzed data in Skyline Advisor. You can access Skyline Advisor through VMware Cloud Services using a Customer Connect username and password.

Intended Audience

This information is intended for anyone who wants to adopt VMware Skyline. It is written for VMware® vSphere® administrators.