The Client Integration Plug-in provides access to a virtual machine’s console in the vSphere Client.

If you are using vCenter Server 6.5, 6.7, or 7.0, you need not install the Client Integration Plug-In. For more information, see VMware KB Article 2145066 for more details.

If your are using vCenter Server 5.5 or 6.0, follow the given steps to install the Client Integration Plug-In.


  1. Uninstall the existing Client Integration Plug-in.
  2. Open the vSphere Web Client, and click Download the Client Integration Plug-in. The link provides the build details of the latest Client Integration Plug-in. Alternatively, you can download the Client Integration Plug-in from one of the following locations:

    vCenter Server version


    vCenter Server 5.5

    vCenter Server 6.0

  3. After the download completes, install the plug-in.
  4. Restart your browser to complete the installation of the Client Integration Plug-In.

What to do next

If the browser blocks the installation either by issuing certificate errors or by running a pop-up blocker, follow the Help instructions for your browser to resolve the problem. If you are using Google Chrome and having issues with the Client Integration Plug-in, see Knowledge Base Article 2130672.