VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics is a self-service diagnostics platform. It helps to detect and provide remediation to issues in the vSphere and vSAN product line. It provides recommendations in the form of a Knowledge Base article or procedure to remediate issues. It uses the log files of these products to detect issues. vSphere administrators can use this tool to troubleshoot issues before contacting VMware Global Support Service. .

Key Benefits

  1. Based on symptoms, VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics provides a Knowledge Base article or remediation steps to resolve the issue.

  2. Self-service improves the time to get the recommendations to resolve the issue.

  3. Quick recommendation/remediation helps to get the infrastructure back from failure and ensures that the business runs with a less disruption.

How It Works

The VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics get deployed as a virtual appliance. When you experience an issue with VMware Products, you can collect the log bundle and run the analysis using the Diagnostics Platform. Diagnostics Platform has many signatures to detect the issue. When a signature matches the information in log files, you are notified.

The notification contains:

  • Information about the matching signature
  • Remediation steps or a knowledge base article to resolve the issue

VMware publishes signatures every two weeks and you can download these signatures in your environment.

The CEIP program collects information if the plugins ran successfully or failed. It sends this data to VMware cloud to improve the issue detection capability.

Figure 1. Architecture Diagram