As per organization security compliance policy administrator may like to change the default password and account policies. The default password expiration period is 90 days.



  1. Open Photon VM console using vCenter Server user interface or SSH to Photon VM
  2. Log in to the VM terminal where VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics for vSphere is installed as the root user.
  3. To change the current directory, run command cd /opt/vmware-shd/vmware-shd/app/apiserver/.
  4. To back-up the current configuration file, run command cp vmware-shd.conf vmware-shd.conf.back.
  5. To edit the configuration file using vim editor, run command vim vmware-shd.conf.
  6. In vi editor, press the Insert key to switch to the edit mode.
  7. Change the value for the required field.
  8. To save and exit the editor, press Esc key and type :wq.
  9. To restart the services run command systemctl restart vmware-shd-app.