You can collect logs and analyze from disconnected ESXi host, collect logs by selecting hosts from the inventory and analyze. The analysis report shows you the issues and remediation KBs.

You can connect to vCenter and see vCenter UI after login.


  • Verify that you have the vSphere user name and password.

  • Verify that the vSphere user has roles and permissions to collect logs.

  • Verify that you have login credentials for Skyline Health Diagnostics

  • Verify that you have VCSA appliance root credentials if you are planning to collect logs from the vCenter appliance. If vCenter UI is not accessible, use the VCSA appliance root credentials.

  • Verify that you have credentials for disconnected ESXi hosts.

  • Verify that the vCenter user has following privileges

    • Global.Diagnostics

    • System.View

    • Read Permissions on the inventory objects (Datacenter/Cluster/Host)


  1. Log in the VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics for vSphere UI using the supported browser.
  2. In the top-menu, click Collect Logs and Analyze .
  3. Enter the vCenter/Host IP address in Host Name/IP field.
  4. Enter the vCener/Host user name in the Username field.
  5. Enter the password for the user in the Password field.
  6. Select Skip SSL Check, if you want to skip the SSL verification.
    1. Check Skip SSL Check, if vCenter uses the self-signed certificate
  7. Click Check Connection. It validates the credential by performing a login to the given vCenter/ESXi Server.
    1. If the connection is successful , you see the vSphere API connection is successful. message.
    2. If the error is observed while connecting to vCenter, theRUN DIAGNOSTICS is grayed out and error message displayed.

    RUN DIAGNOSTICS is enabled if the connection to check is successful.


    Select Inventory wizard provides the options for selecting the type of plugins to include in analysis and lists the inventory tree including option to collect the diagnostic log bundle form vCenter Server.

  9. Select hosts in the disconnected state to run the diagnostics by clicking the check box of the respective hosts.
  10. Select Include vCenter for Analysis if you want to analyze vCenter.
  11. Click VALIDATE.
  12. Submit for Analysis window is displayed, having the count of ESXi hosts in the disconnected state and requesting the ESXi host credentials.
  13. Enter the ESXi host user name and password for each host. If the user name and password is same for all the host, select the Apply same password for all disconnected hosts option.

    VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics have credentials to connect to ESXi host in the disconnected state. Check Host Connection button is enabled.

  14. Click Check Host Connection after you user credentials for hosts are entered.
  15. If the connections to the selected hosts are successful, FINISH button will be enabled.
  16. Click FINISH on Submit for Analysis window.

    Download and Analysis starts and VI Admin can see the progress as below,

  17. Once the Analysis is complete, Click View Report icon to see the analysis report.

    Analysis report

  18. To download the analysis report, click the Download icon.