You can download the VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics OVA image from the VMware product download website.


Verify that your workstation has an HTML5 compatible browser and can connect to the Internet.

Verify that you have credentials to log in to VMware Customer Connect Portal, and you can access Skyline Health Diagnostics for vSphere product page.


  1. Connect to using your browser
  2. Click the Download Now to download the OVA Image file for VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics (VMware-Skyline-HealthDiagnostics-Appliance-[VERSION]-[BUILD]_OVF10.ova).
  3. Read the End User License Agreement in the popup window, click the check box next to I agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the End User License Agreement, click Accept to start the file download.


The OVA Image File for VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics is downloaded (VMware-Skyline-HealthDiagnostics-Appliance-[VERSION]-[BUILD]_OVF10.ova)