In default configuration all the Analysis Reports are saved perpetually. You can configure automatic deletion of past reports after a fixed retention period.



  1. Open VMware SHD Appliance/VM console using vCenter Server user interface or SSH
  2. Login as the root user.
  3. To change the current directory, run command cd /opt/vmware-shd/vmware-shd/app/apiserver/.
  4. To back-up the current configuration file, run command cp vmware-shd.conf vmware-shd.conf.back.
  5. To edit the configuration file using vim editor, run command vim vmware-shd.conf.
  6. In vi editor, press the Insert key to switch to the edit mode.
  7. Change the value for the field retention under [reports] section.

    This value must be entered as number and denotes days of retention

  8. To save and exit the editor, press Esc key and type :wq.
  9. To restart the services run command systemctl restart vmware-shd.


Auto Deletion of Analysis Reports is enabled. Reports will be deleted automatically post the configured retention period