You may want to use VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics user interface from the vSphere Client.

As a vSphere Administrator, you might want to use VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics plug-in from vSphere client to intimate diagnostics run, run health checks, view the analysis report and manage the configurations.


  1. VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics must be registered with VMware vCenter Server instance.

  2. You should have valid vSphere SSO admin credentials.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Client using the supported browser and SSO credentials
  2. In the top-menu, click Menu > Skyline Health Diagnostics .

    The welcome page of, Skyline Health Diagnostics plug-in is loaded into vSphere Client.

  3. Click START ANALYZE button. It redirects you to Tasks tab

  4. Click NEW DIAGNOSTICS and select the category & inventory objects from list displayed and click VALIDATE.

  5. Click FINISH to start the analysis.

    A new task would be spawned, which can be viewed in the UI as below:

  6. After the task is completed, you can view Reports by clicking on SHOW REPORT.

  7. Select the Report from checkbox and click on VIEW or DOWNLOAD button to view or save the HTML report.


You should be able to use Skyline Health Diagnostics plug-in from vSphere Client to perform the diagnostics on the registered vCenter instances and View/Download the analysis reports.