You can migrate any 2.x.x version of VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics instance to 3.0 and later using the migration method. This will ensure all your previous configurations, reports are preserved on new instance.

Migrating the Existing Skyline Health Diagnostics deployment.


  • If you are using Skyline Health Diagnostics version lesser than 2.5.0 then upgrade to version 2.5.x first by using the current upgrade method. Then you can use the migration method to come to version 3.0 and above.

  • Direct migration from version from 2.0.x through 3.0 and above is not supported.

  • Verify that you have downloaded the OVA Image for VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics.

  • Verify that you can access vSphere Infrastructure with privileges required for creating and interacting with virtual machine.

  • Verify that you have network configuration details for the virtual appliance being deployed.


  1. Using the vSphere Client connected to vCenter Server, right-click the host/Data Center you want to deploy the VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics Virtual Appliance
  2. Click Deploy OVF Template to start the deployment wizard
  3. Click on UPLOAD FILES option and select the OVA Image file of VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics and click NEXT.
  4. Enter an appropriate Name for the Virtual Appliance.
  5. Optionally select the destination folder for the VM and click NEXT.
  6. Follow the Wizard to select Compute Resource and click NEXT.
  7. Verify the OVA template details and click NEXT.
  9. Select the destination storage and optionally format and storage policy and click NEXT.
  10. Select the Port group to which you want the appliance to connect and click NEXT.
  11. In the "Customize Template" page enter the details
    1. Enter the password for root user account (OS User), of the existing Skyline Helath Diagnostics Instance.
    2. Enter the password for shd-admin user account, of the existing Skyline Helath Diagnostics Instance.
    3. Enter theIP address or FQDN of the existing Skyline Helath Diagnostics Instance.
    4. Enter a suitable host-name for the appliance.
    5. Enter IPV4 Network Configuration Details (Leave blank if you are planning to use DHCP for assigning IP Address).
    6. Click NEXT.
  12. Review the details and click Finish.
  13. After the deployment is complete, Power on the virtual machine.
  14. Wait for at least 5 minutes for the appliance to boot and finish the initial configuration. Depending on the data size to migrate, the migration time will vary.
  15. Decommission the older instance of the VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics appliance after verifying all the configurations and that the reports on newly migrated instance are intact. Please note the IP address of the newly deployed instance will not be same as the previous one.
  16. In case you want to reuse the older IP address. After you decommission the older Skyline Health Diagnostics instance, you can assign the same IP to a new instance.


VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics Appliance is deployed and configured.