You can get help on issues faced during installation and operations of VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics.

You can download the support bundle for VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics, you may want to share with the VMware support.


Verify that you have an operator user account to access the UI of VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics.


  1. You can collect the log bundle from VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics UI by following steps :
    1. Log in to VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics UI, navigate to SettingsHelp and Support
    2. Click Collect SHD Bundle
  2. Or in the absence of UI, from Photon VM console
    1. SSH to the Photon VM with root user credentials and run shd-support
    2. Download the log bundle vmware-shd-support-YYYY-MM-DDThh_mm_ss.tgz from /opt/vmware-shd/vmware-shd/log
  3. For any install issue, take the screenshot and collect the details from console.
  4. Send an email to shd-support@vmware.comwith issue details, screenshots along with log bundle attached.


VMware starts looking into issue and will reach out to you.