Diagnostics report includes detailed report related to Hardware Compatibility checks performed on the Server/IO Devices for the ESXi server for which the log bundle has been analyzed.

VCG/vSAN HCL Validation

Server and Storage/Network IO devices are validated against the VMware Compatibility Guides. vSAN used Storage I/O devices are validated against the vSAN HCL. Currently vSAN validation is limited to Storage I/O devices only. Firmware levels for Server and I/O devices are not validated but included in the report.

VCG/vSAN HCL Validation Summary

This section has a data grid showing one row of each of the findings. Each row shows the device and validation summary.


  • Device: Device name as it named on ESXi server.

  • Description: Description of the device.

  • VCG Status: Compatibility Status for the Device.

  • Driver Status: Compatibility Status of the Driver being used.

  • Current Driver/Version: Driver and the Version being used.

  • VCG Driver: Most recent Driver Version as indicated by VCG.

  • Current Firmware: Firmware currently being used (May not be available for all devices).

  • VCG Firmware: Most recent Firmware Version as indicated by VCG.

  • Forward Support: Future upgrade support (Shows current and later versions supported for this device)

Status Indicators

VCG Details

Each row in the VCG/vSAN HCL report can be expanded to view further details from the compatibility guide. Click to expand the row and view the details. Clicking the same collapses the details section.