To replace certificate, generate a certificate signing request. Get the certificate signed by certificate authority. Finally replace the certificates for VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics. You can replace the default certificates with your custom certificates.


  • Verify that you have root credentials for the VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics appliance.


  1. Open the appliance console using the vSphere Client or Secure Shell (SSH) client.
  2. Log in as a root user.
  3. To navigate to the root directory, run the command cd /.
  4. To create a directory under the root folder on the VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics appliance, run the command mkdir newcert.
  5. To change the working directory to the new directory, run cdnewcert.
  6. To copy the configuration file to the present location, run the command cp /opt/vmware-shd/vmware-shd/conf/ssl/conf ./..
  7. Edit the configuration as required
    1. To edit the configuration file using vi editor, run command vi conf.
    2. To match your organization details, edit the [ req_distinguished_name ] section.
    3. Set the entries for commonName and DNS.1 to match the FQDN of the appliance.
  8. To generate a new certificate signing request run openssl req -new -config conf -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout rui.key -out rui.csr.

    Key and certificate signing request (CSR) files are created in the current directory. (rui.csr, rui.key).

  9. Use the rui.csr file for signing request from the certificate authority.


Certificate signing request is generated.

What to do next

Send the certificate signing request to your certificate authority for signing.