This section describes how to manage the associated endpoints for each configured VMware product (vCenter Server and NSX Manager).

To manage endpoints currently configured for the Skyline Collector, click System Status .

For each endpoint, there are three actions that can be performed, Restart, Stop, and Start. The Start action is not available when the endpoint is running. The Start action becomes available when the endpoint is stopped.

Restart the endpoint collection stops and starts endpoint collection for that endpoint.

Stop endpoint collection temporarily pauses the collection of that endpoint.

Start endpoint collection starts the collection process for that endpoint. Start is available only when an endpoint is in a Stopped status.

you have the option to Start the endpoint collection process for that endpoint.

Details including the product endpoint (vCenter Server, NSX Manager), and the user account being used to connect the Skyline Collector to the product endpoint is displayed. The Data Centers for which the endpoint is collecting data from is also displayed.

The size of the payload uploaded to the VMware Analytics Cloud and the last upload occurred is displayed for each endpoint.

The latest logs can be viewed within each endpoint. You can view the latest logs when want to review system activity or during Skyline Collector troubleshooting.