This section describes how to manage the Skyline Collector.

The Collector section within the System Status page provides the following capabilities and information:

  • Start, Stop, Restart , and Deregister the Collector.

  • Skyline Collector unique identifier (ID).

  • My VMware account which was used to register the Skyline Collector with VMware.

  • Customer Entitlement Account details and current Support type.

Restarting the Skyline Collector is not needed and is available to aid in troubleshooting. Restarting normally take between 3 and 5 minutes to complete. The Skyline Collector admin interface might not be responsive during this time.

Stopping the Skyline Collector prevents any data from being sent to VMware. Do not stop the Skyline Collector unless troubleshooting with VMware support. If the Skyline Collector is in a Stopped status, an alert appears within the user interface stating Your Collector is not running. Use the Start action to restart the Skyline Collector.


Stopping the Skyline Collector within the user interface does not shut down the virtual appliance. The virtual appliance remains running and the user interface remains responsive.

De-registration permanently removes the collector entirely from the Skyline platform. The process also removes all configuration information, disables all endpoint collection, and resets the collector state back to the default, in addition to removing participation for the Skyline Collector from the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP). Enabling the Skyline Collector after de-registration requires a user to go through initial configuration again and might require refreshing the browser. To de-register, enter your MyVMware account credentials and click De-register.


De-registering the Skyline Collector removes participation in the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) for that individual Skyline Collector instance only. Other installations of the Skyline Collector appliance are not impacted or updated.