You can initiate a support log bundle transfer from an object(s) to VMware for the purposes of troubleshooting an open Support Request (SR).


  • Ensure you have added the product endpoint from which you want to retrieve logs, such as vCenter Server, ESXi host, NSX Manager, NSX Controller, NSX Edge or Horizon Connection Server.

  • Ensure you have applied the correct permissions to the user account for the product endpoint. For details regarding the required user account permissions, see the Log Assist Product Permissions.


  1. Within Skyline Advisor, click Log Assist.
  2. Click Initiate Log Transfer.
  3. Select the object within the Inventory to initiate a log transfer from, then click Next. Also, you can search for the object using the Search for Object name and Hit Enter text box.
  4. Next, choose the Support Request to attach the log bundle(s) to. Click the radio button next to the open Support Request.
  5. Click Initiate Log Transfer.


Select Log Library to review all previous log transfers. You can review the status, who initiated and actioned the log request, the date the log transfer was initiated, and the associated Support Request.