A Finding includes a unique ID, severity, description, recommendation, and list of affected objects.

Click on a Finding card to view more details about the specific Finding. For each Finding, the following details are available.



Finding ID

Unique ID that can be used in discussions with VMware Global Support Services (GSS).


Critical, Moderate or Trivial


A brief description of the potential issue discovered within the customer's environment.


The risk to your VMware product or solution if the recommended action is not completed.


The action needed to proactively resolve the potential issue before it occurs.

Helpful Links

Additional information about the finding. This includes VMware Knowledge Base (KB) articles, Security Advisories, or other official VMware documentation.


If a filter has been applied, the list of objects upon which the filter is being applied is displayed.

Affected Objects

A list of all objects (vCenter Server, ESXi host, virtual machine) that might be impacted by the potential issue.

You can search for a specific Affected Object using the Search box located above the table of Affected Objects.

The Solution Tags column is displayed within the Affected Objects table. These tags are displayed to bring awareness to pre-validated, integrated solutions that have been deployed within your environment. Extra attention and care should be taken for these Solutions when planning to implement a recommendation made by Skyline.

Click the Export button to export all affected objects in CSV format. This CSV file can be used within scripts or orchestration tools for remediation of the affected objects.

Click the back-arrow above Finding ID to return to the Proactive Findings page.


If a Filter has been applied, the Filter will remain applied after clicking the back-arrow above Finding ID to return to the Findings page. Click Clear All to remove the applied filter.