Configure 3rd-party software integrations for Skyline.

VMware vRealize Operations Cloud

VMware vRealize Operations Cloud continuously optimizes application performance with automatic workflow placement and balancing based on operational and business intent. Reduce cost and improve efficiency with real-time machine learning-based capacity analytics correlated with cost analytics, improving utilization and consolidation while proactively planning for the future. Predict, prevent and troubleshoot faster with actionable insights and native hybrid cloud integrations, while unifying multi-cloud visibility with a highly scalable platform. Finally, reduce risk and enforce IT and regulatory standards with integrated compliance and automated drift remediation.

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Dell EMC SupportAssist Enterprise

Dell EMC SupportAssist Enterprise v4 Virtual Edition is Dell EMC's automated, proactive, and predictive support technology for servers, storage, networking, and CI/HCI devices. This technology automatically identifies issues, creates a case, and initiates contact from Dell EMC to the customer. Benefits of Dell EMC SupportAssist Enterprise include:

Benefits include:

  • Proactive, automated issue detection, case creation and notification

  • Predictive analysis failure detection

  • Accelerated issue resolution with remote access and secure, two-way communication between Dell EMC and the customer's environment

  • Streamlined management to monitor the health of your Dell EMC devices


The Integrations tab in Skyline Advisor will only appear if you are utilizing Dell EMC hardware (12g and above) as the platform for your VMware vSphere environment. If you are not utilizing Dell EMC hardware (12g and above), the Integrations tab will not appear.