View details for Skyline Collectors deployed and registered with your Cloud Services Organization.

The Collector Details page displays the following information about each Skyline Collector registered with your Cloud Services Organization.

  • Collector Friendly Name

  • Last Successful Upload

  • Version

  • Status

To view Collector Details, from the Dashboard page, click Show Collector Details.

To display the products added to a Skyline Collector, click the right-arrow next to each product displayed under the Skyline Collector.

The following details are available for each product added to the Skyline Collector.

  • Product type

  • Status

  • Host (Object Name)

  • Last Successful Upload


If a Skyline Collector appears within Collectors page that is no-longer deployed within your environment, use Deregister Skyline Collector to remove the Skyline Collector from your Cloud Services Organization.